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Minutes - 28 March 2023


Minutes of Crowton Parish Council meeting held on

Tuesday 28th March 2023 at Crowton Village Hall



Cllr Ross McCrickerd (Chair) (RM)Cllr Richard Thorne (Vice Chair)   (RT)

Cllr Elizabeth Stubbs (ES), Cllr Jennifer Currie (JC),

Cllr Roger Hammond (RH), Cllr Joel Rutter (JR), Ward Cllr   Charles Fifield

Clerk T Whitlow (TW)  15   members of the Public(MOP)


Apologies   for Absence were received from:

Cllr Robert   Stubbs (RS)


Declarations   of Members’ Interests –RM – Coronation Event


Approve   Minutes The minutes of the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday   14th February 2023 were approved & signed by the Chair


Public   Participation

15 members   of the public attended the meeting in relation to the work being undertaken   on a field on Ainsworth Lane resulting in a lot of soil and debris being left   on the road from Crewood Common to Ainsworth Lane. Not only is this an   eyesore it is also dangerous for vehicles, as the ruts the lorries have made   are deep. The PC and ward councillor Charles Fifield advised all members of   the public to report to Highways. TW confirmed she had received 23 emails and   14 phone calls in the past 2 weeks regarding this and has been in contact   with both Highways and Planning. CF to follow up further.



Matters   arising from the last Minutes

(1) Broadband   – Factco continue the build work in and around Crowton,   Norley & Kingsley.

(2) Station   Road surface- Pot Holes No action has taken place on this from Highways – 75 % of roads   and 65% of pavements throughout CWAC are below standard. Residents are   requested to use the “Report It” app to notify highways of the ever-occurring   new pot holes.

(3) 30-mile   hour zone- Ainsworth Lane – TW confirmed that if the PC were to go ahead with the reduction   of the speed limit it would have a cost implication to the PC of circa £2500.   Resolved not to take this further as unable to justify the cost.

(4) SID’s- Due to   difficulties in finding a contractor with the relevant licence to work on the   Highway the SID’s are taking longer than anticipated to install. TW to   continue working on this.

(5) Noticeboard:  The new notice board has been installed, and   the old one is being re-furbished to go on the Millennium Green.

(6) Crewood Common Road –United   Utilities are coming back to rectify the problems with the road surface   dropping away at the edge of the verge.

(7) Kings Coronation – RM now has the tickets for this event   for Sunday 7th May, available from the Hare and Hounds – the   tickets are free, and are required for numbers for catering. All the village   are welcome to attend.

TW has applied and been given a £200 members budget grant towards the   event – Thanks were given to Charles Fifield, Paul Williams and Gillian   Edwards for this.

(8) TW had contacted all councillors prior   to the meeting to inform them that meeting every 6 weeks would prove   difficult both for the Village Hall (bookings) and for herself. Resolved to hold full Parish Council meeting on   alternate months, if the PC find this is not working out then it be reviewed.



Millennium   Green

(1)  Proposed   changes to entrance gates to make MG wheelchair accessible

TW has spoken to a contractor who is going to give   a costing of the work required, as this figure is only to allow the PC to   decide how much work can be done, and how much fund raising is necessary TW   has only asked one contractor at this stage – If the work were to go ahead 3   quotes will be obtained.

(2) External fence –   This   is an on-going discussion between the PC and Highways – TW to again request   evidence from Highways that the PC own this fence, as there are many similar   in the area, usually where there is a stream, which were erected by the old   Cheshire County Council.



Planning   Applications –

No new planning applications have been received this month.


Emails – TW has   organised the new email accounts and most of the Councillors are now using TW offered to assist those still having problems with the set   up.

The website   has been updated with the clerks new email and her old email account has been set to forward to the new   one, along with a message advising of the change, so no mail should be   missed.



Review and   Adoption of Policies.

TW has   reviewed all policies, these have been circulated.

Resolved to adopt   the following policies.

Complaints,   Dignity at Work, Discipline & Grievance, Freedom of Information Data   Protection, Equality & Diversity Health & Safety, Publication Scheme,   Transparency Code, Risk Management, Scheme of Delegation, Email, Financial   Regulations and Standing Orders.

TW to   upload all onto the website.



Annual Governance   and Accountability Return (AGAR)

TW informed   the PC that Crowton PC have been selected for an intermediate review as part   of the 5% sample of smaller authorities who would normally have a basic   review.


Correspondence   – Nothing received that hasn’t already been   discussed.


Clerks   hours

Following discussions   regarding clerks hours not being sufficient, and constantly running into   overtime it was Resolved to increase the clerks hours by 1 hour per   week.



Payments   agreed:

(1) Clerk’s salary March plus overtime to date & WFH allowance

(2) Clerks   expenses Jan & Feb £73.00

TW   confirmed the following payments have been made during the month as per   agreement at the February meeting:

Rockgraphics   – noticeboard £1584 plus £72 for removal of old noticeboard

Linux –   emails £107.84

Elan City –   SID’s - £5280


Items   for next agenda –

SID’s update

Highways update

Millennium Green update


Date   for next meeting – Due to elections the next meeting will   be Tuesday   16th May 2023 at 7pm

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm.

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