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Minutes - 22 May 2022


Minutes of Crowton Parish Council meeting held on

Tuesday10th May 2022 following the AGM at Crowton Village Hall



Cllr Richard Thorne (RT)(vice   Chair), Cllr Joel Rutter,(JR) Cllr Jennifer Currie (JC),

Cllr Roger Hammond (RH),   Cllr Elizabeth Stubbs(ES) Cllr Ralph Oultram (RO) Cllr Robert Stubbs (RS)

Ward Cllr Paul Williams,(PW)

Clerk T Whitlow (TW)


Apologies   for Absence were received from:

Cllr Ross   McCrickerd(Chair)

Ward Cllr’s   Gillian Edwards & Charles Fifield


Declarations   of Members’ Interests –RS, JR, ES planning application


Approve   Minutes The minutes of the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday   12th April  2022 were   approved & signed by the Vice chair


Matters   arising from Minutes of 12/04/2022

(1) Facebook    – RM   advised (email) that he has working with a villager to get the PC Facebook up   and running.

(2 )Millennium   Green benches:  RT, RS, JR to position & anchor the new   bench that was purchased, currently at Cllr RM, on the MG

(3)   Millennium Green accidents/incidents signage: RM has ordered 2 signs  for the   MG,

(4) Station   Road: Surfacing – PW to speak to CF to find the outcome   of CF escalating the state of Station Road. PW to suggest a meeting with   highways, also to discuss with CWaC the possibility of extending the 30mph   boundary on Ainsworth Lane, to beyond the bridge, due to the additional   properties, and on Norley Lane from “The Poplars” to Kingsley Road.

(5) Queens   Jubilee: RM supplied the flyers he has had printed. He has   been in contact with the Church & WI. He will need assistance from others   the day before the event setting up.

(6) Trees   for MG:  JC   confirmed the request for trees has been sent to Mersey Forest

(7) Post   box painting: Clerk had not managed to find a   contact. To continue enquiries

(8) RH advised he had attended the Village Hall AGM, nothing to report   back to PC





Public   Participation : No members of the public present


Planning   Applications –

22/00959/FUL   Darley Covert – Conversion of agricultural building into 1 dwelling

There followed a discussion, Cllr’s requested clerk to respond to   planning asking for a Agricultural tie to be placed proposed application if   approved, as this would support  rural   employment.

Update   Norley Lane:  The posts and gates have now been removed   from the entrance to the site. The applicant is taking the planning   application to appeal.



Speed Indicator Display signs: RT has   emailed the supplying company to try to clarify product and price, he has had   no response. Clerk to contact the company directly



Parish   Field:

Clerk had advertised the lease for the field, 3 enquiries in total.   Cllr’s approved offering the lease, Clerk to contact successful person to organise   the new lease. Lease to be signed before access to the land even if using   during the notice period from outgoing tenant



Millennium   Green external fence:

To be carried over to the next meeting




JC  & RH updated on all the 5   various companies, there is difficulties with them all.

3 have not responded to enquiries.

JC & RH explained that the company that puts the infrastructure in   owns it, they also explained that any company can put the infrastructure in   without PC consultation. The PC involvement is purely to try facilitate the best possible option for the   village, they are not recommending any particular company

Factco are very proactive and could have the infrastructure in place   this year,  although Open Reach have   not been discounted, but they could be beyond 2 years, Open Reach appear not   to be co-operating with small rural areas, favouring the more lucrative   highly populated area’s

The PC are conscious that they need to work with a company on this to   ensure that all the village is encompassed at the initial stage, particularly those outlying properties, as once   the infrastructure is in place it will be more difficult to try to make   changes.

The CWaC digital specialist, Mike Dugine, is talking to Norley,   Kingsley & Delamere Park, if all four areas use the same company there is   a far higher chance of all outlying properties being included.

MD is to organise a meeting with the other parishes in the next few   weeks.





VAT reclaim to be submitted for 2021/2022.

Agreed that TW would reclaim the VAT for the previous 4 years, as the   receipts would outweigh hours paid.

Payments   agreed:

(1) Clerks salary (April)

(2) PAYE (last quarter 21/22) already paid by clerk, to be refunded

(3) Agreed for councillors/villagers to buy plants for planters as   required during the year, to be refunded on production of receipts.




Any   other business/village issues –

(1)   Millennium Green: Wooden staging to be removed, RS & JR to remove   redundant/rotten wood from site, to be completed prior to the end of June.




Items   for next agenda –


Fibre Broadband

External fence on the Millennium Green


Date   for next meeting – Tuesday  14th  June  2022 7pm

The meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.

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