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Minutes - 20 April 2021

Minutes - 20 April 2021


Minutes of Crowton Parish Council meeting 7pm via Zoom 20/04/21

145. Apologies

Councillor Holloway sent his apologies

146. Present

Councillor E Stubbs, Councillor Thorne, Councillor Oultram, Councillor Lessells, Councillor R Stubbs, Councillor M Miller attended the meeting

147. Approval of the Accounts 2020/2021

The above Accounts were approved. No external audit is required.

The approval of the accounts was the final undertaking for Meg Rosney, as out- going clerk, Meg was thanked by all councilors present for work and commitment for the last 6 years

148: To discuss applications for the Parish Councillor vacancy

Three members of the village had applied for the post of Parish Councillor, all were discussed at length.

The overwhelming consensus was to co-opt Mr Joel Rutter to the Parish Council.

Clerk to write to all three applicants to inform them of the decision

149: Correspondence

Correspondence received from Royal British Legion, regarding their centenary on the 15/05/21, asking Parish Councils to purchase large lamp post poppies, it was agreed to purchase 6 at a donation of £5 each. Councillor E Stubbs to follow this up & Councillor R Stubbs to attach to lamp posts when they arrive

The meeting finished at 7.25pm

Signed/Dated Chairman Crowton Parish Council

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