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Minutes - 14 September 2021

Minutes - 14 September 2021

Minutes of Crowton Parish Council Meeting 14/09/21 7pm Village Hall, Crowton

27. Apologies : None

28. Present : Cllr E Stubbs, Cllr R Thorne, Cllr R Oultram, Cllr R Stubbs, Cllr J Rutter, Cllr R McCrickerd Cllr J Currie, Cllr R Hammond and Ward Cllrs C Fifield & P Williams

No members of the public attending

29. Declarations of interest: Cllr C Fifield can not comment on any planning issues, due to being on the Planning Committee.

30. Approval of minutes from 22/07/21. Approved

31. Matters Arising from above minutes:

A warm welcome was given by all to the new Parish Councillors, Cllr Jenny Currie and Cllr Roger Hammond, who had been co-opted onto the Parish Council 22/07/21

32. Planning Applications

32.1 Application 21/03502/FUL Land off Norley Lane, change of use to gypsy/traveller site.

Following withdrawal of previous application a new planning application has been received with very little difference from the previous application. There followed a discussion, and the clerk was asked to report objections to this new planning application based on the previous objections, omitting the environmental report that has now been added. Cllr P Williams has already been in contact with the planning officer, Edward Bannister and has recorded a “call in” on this application.

32.2 Application 21/02546/FUL Menege Mill Lane

Clerk informed Cllrs that she had spoken to planning officer Katie Richardson regarding this application. Clerk was requested to contact again regarding signage overhanging the boundary.

33.Speed Indicator Display signs

Clerk informed Cllrs that Steve Bentley was free to meet during the week of 4/10/21 Cllr Oultram & Thorne happy to meet AFTER Cllr P Williams has spoken to S Bentley regarding the fact that he doesn’t want to deviate on the positions of the SIDS. PW to contact S Bentley prior to clerk arranging a site meeting.

34. Millennium Green Seats

Cllrs have had a site meeting, where it has been agreed to replace the seats, following a discussion it was agreed that clerk to order a new recycled plastic seat at a cost of £265, Cllr Rutter to obtain timber for use on other seating, all invoices to be reimbursed.


35. Correspondence

35.1 Clerk informed cllrs the insurance was due for renewal, quote of £336 was accepted

35.2 Cllr E Stubbs gave clerk magazine membership form which is paid annually for Bill in lieu of payment for his contribution to the village, Cllrs agreed to pay agian this year £46.60  Clerk to arrange payment.

36. Accounts:

36.1 Kieth Lightfoot £100

37. Defibrillator

Cllrs Currie & McCrickerd have been researching this over the last few weeks, Cllr Currie informed all that the cost would be @£1600. There followed a discussion on fundraising and the possibility of grants. Cllr McCrickerd to contact the brewery for a donation. There followed another discussion on the poisoning of the Defib, it was agreed that due to location and ease of access 24/7 that the Defib would be placed at The Hare &Hounds pub. Cllr McCrickerd (landlord) has agreed to cover the cost of power supply.


Clerk asked for permission to look at a new website as what we have is expensive for what it actually is. It was agreed to ask John Whitlow to build a new website for the Parish Council. Budget price £200-£300

39. Village issues/any other business

39.1 Clerk reported she had noted from last year’s account that the phone boxes actually cost £100 for the electric supply. Clerk was asked to look into what is actually being paid for.

39.2 Cllr Thorne has located paint for the phone box, at a cost of £18 It needs repainting due to vandalism. Clerk requested to purchase the paint.

39.3 It was agreed that Cllr E Stubbs to purchase 6 large poppies for lamp post decoration from Royal /british Legion. Agreed Cllr B Stubbs to attach at a height where they can’t be vandalised

Next meeting agreed for 14/10/21 at the Village Hall

Meeting finished at 8.10pm

SIGNED/DATED Chairman Crowton Parish Council

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