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Minutes - 14 June 2022


Minutes of Crowton Parish Council meeting held on

Tuesday 14th June 2022  at Crowton Village Hall



Cllr Ross McCrickerd (RM)(Chair),   Cllr Richard Thorne (RT)(vice Chair), Cllr Joel Rutter,(JR) Cllr Jennifer   Currie (JC),Cllr Roger Hammond (RH), Cllr Elizabeth Stubbs(ES) Cllr Ralph   Oultram (RO) Cllr Robert Stubbs (RS)

Clerk T Whitlow (TW)


Apologies   for Absence were received from:

Ward Cllr’s   Gillian Edwards & Charles Fifield, & P Williams


Declarations   of Members’ Interests –None received


Approve Minutes The minutes of the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 10th  May  2022 were approved & signed by   the  Chair


Incoming   Chair report – RM thanked Cllr Elizabeth Stubbs for   all her hard work over the years as Chair, and thanked her for being willing   to continue as a Parish Councillor.

He stated that he wished, as Chair to move forward with the current   items being, Fibre Broadband, Speed Indicator Display signs, speeding through   the village and the road surface to Station Road. He stated he would move   forward with the Parish Council Facebook to keep the village informed via   social media. He stated he was looking forward to working with all the ward   Councillors and assisting them to work for us.

RM gave ES flowers & a gift from the Parish Councillors, at the end   of the meeting.


Matters   arising from Minutes of 0/05/2022

(1) Broadband   - Factco are one of the   broadband fibre companies approved by Cheshire West and Chester Council.     A further virtual meeting has taken place with  Cllrs RM, JC and   RH and involving the CEO of Factco and Mike Dugine who is the Digital Sector specialist   from CWAC. Following this meeting the PC have agreed to Factco moving forward   with a non committal first survey of the area to assess if the build   is viable.  The PC agrees that we are here to facilitate whichever   company proves best for Crowton, whichever one that may be.   Factco   have a robust customer involvement and information scheme in place which   is a distinguishing feature with this particular company

(2 )Station   Road surface - The report from highways was read out,   this was a non-committal to any major resurfacing, as according to Highways   they haven’t got the financial resources. Highways are encouraging villagers   to report pot holes on a regular basis, this may in turn push Station Road   further up the list of priorities. Ward Cllr GE has organised a Teams meeting   with highways next week, as many as possible of the PC will attend.

(3)   SID’s TW to email AH at Highways to try to establish exactly they want   us to do, as this has been going back and forward since before the COVID   lockdowns, although it is possible that the PC may be able to speak to them   regarding the SID’s at the Teams meeting next week.

(4) 30 mile   hour zone – TW to contact CWaC highways to ask to   assess the area outside the school and the Station Road end of Ainsworth   Lane. The assessment is non committal, if CWaC agreed to reduce any of the   area’s of concern to 20 miles/hour there will be a cost implication to the PC

(5) Queens   Jubilee: The PC thanked RM for facilitating the Jubilee   Celebrations at the Hare & Hounds

(6)) Post   box painting: Cllr JC has found a contact for the   painting of the post boxes, but there is a minimum of a 25 week wait, and   even then they may be deemed to not require painting.






Public   Participation : No members of the public present


Planning   Applications – 21/04313/FUL Quarry Bank Farm, Livestock building.

After discussion it was decided that the PC would object to this   planning application.

Councillors to continue discussions, and to inform TW of the lines of   objection next week for her to report to planning. To include the fact that   this is a FUL application not AGR, and the actual size of the building, in   comparison to the area of land



Millennium   Green external fence: RO has met with a local contractor who   will quote for the removal of the existing fence & replace with a wooden   fence. Due to the proximity of the fence to the road, the contractor may have   to apply for traffic light to enable safe working, this will add to the cost.


Parish   Field:

TW has contacted the new lessee, and will be meeting with him to sign   the new lease, RM was requested to   also witness.





TW presented the audited accounts, and AGAR which were approved.

TW informed PC that the Parish computer is running very slow,   constantly backing up to external drive, TW to ask family member to have a   look at it , and to check back through records to establish how old the   computer is.

Payments   agreed:

(1) Refund E Stubbs – plants £338.33

(2) Refund R McCrickerd - signs   for MG £60.86

(3) Donation to R McCrickerd – Jubilee £600

(4) Bill Clarke – donation £250.00 – work in the village

(5) Clerks salary May, and June, June to be paid at the end of the   month to enable TW to receive her   salary at the end of each month going forward



Any   other business/village issues –

(1)   Millennium Green -  tipping platform to be   removed by the volunteer’s, JR to transport away.



Items   for next agenda –


Fibre Broadband update

Station Road Update

30 mph update

External fence on the Millennium Green


Date   for next meeting – Tuesday  12th  July 2022 7pm

The meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.

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