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Minutes - 14 June 2021

Minutes - 14 June 2021

Minutes of Crowton Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting 14/06/21 7pm

To discuss reply to CWAC planning re planning application, Norley Lane Gypsy/traveller site following public meeting, and to co-opt a new Parish Councillor


Councillor R Stubbs, working. Councillor M Miller, ill health.


Cllr E Stubbs, Cllr R Thorne, Cllr R Oultram, Cllr J Lessells, Cllr J Rutter

17. Declarations of interest

None declared

18. Planning application 21/02013/FUL

Following the public meeting via zoom (08/06/21),and the 57 emails received by the Clerk the Councillors have called a meeting to discuss this planning application. the Parish Council wish to put in an objection to CWAC Planning on the following grounds:

  • Planning has been refused many times in the last 15 years, the most recent 2015, with an unsuccessful appeal in 2016....

  • Green belt... not brown field as stated in the planning application

  • The land is on a flood zone 2 & 3

  • The land has not been occupied constantly , again as stated in the application,

  • Original planning condition was for a storage building, to be removed if no longer required, why hasn’t this been followed up?

  • If passed for 1 dwelling and 1 caravan how will this be enforced?

  • There appears to be no environmental impact report with the application, which is as it stands is a field and a pond,

  • There are no special circumstances to support this application

19. Co-option of new Parish Councillor, following the resignation of Cllr B Holloway

We had 3 applicants for this position, of which and details they had submitted to the clerk had been circulated prior to the meeting. Cllr R Stubbs had emailed the clerk with his nomination in his absence.


Cllrs were asked by the clerk to nominate 1 of the 3 applicants, all five Cllrs nominated the same applicant, & Cllr Stubbs, in his absence had nominated the same , so no voting was required as a full majority.

Clerk to write to the nominated applicant to confirm their acceptance. Then to write to the unsuccessful applicants.

Next meeting agreed 13th July at the Village Hall

The meeting finished at 7.25pm

SIGNED/DATED Chairman Crowton Parish Council

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