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Minutes - 14 February 2023


Minutes of Crowton Parish Council meeting held on

Tuesday 14 February 2023 at Crowton Village Hall



Cllr Ross McCrickerd (Chair) (RM)Cllr Richard Thorne (Vice Chair)   (RT)

Cllr Elizabeth Stubbs (ES), Cllr Jennifer Currie (JC), Cllr   Robert Stubbs (RS)

Cllr Roger Hammond (RH), Cllr Joel Rutter (JR), Ward Cllr   Charles Fifield

Clerk T Whitlow (TW)


Apologies   for Absence were received from:

Cllr Ralph   Outram


Declarations   of Members’ Interests –RM – Coronation Event


Approve   Minutes The minutes of the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday   10th January 2023 were approved & signed by the Chair


Matters   arising from Minutes of 10/01/2023.

(1) Broadband   – Factco have started their build of the fibre broadband with   the 3 parishes of Crowton, Norley & Kingsley, the date for signing up for   6month free has been extended until 31 March 2023.

(2) Station   Road surface- The PC had a meeting with Highways on 17 January, Station Road,   following on from a Pothole Pro (large machine capable of doing large number   of potholes in short time) station Road has now been upgraded to have more   substantial work carried out in the next financial year, i.e. after 01/04/23

(3) 30-mile   hour zone- Ainsworth Lane – This was also discussed at the highways meeting, Highways have   stated that the PC need to apply to them to carry out more speed assessments,   there will be a cost implication to the PC if a new speed restriction is   implemented – TW to contact Highways for a costing of this.

(4) SID’s- This was   also discussed; a final meeting has been agreed and the SID’s should be in   place before 31/03/23 the PC has received a donation of £1750 towards one of   the SID’s via Members Budgets from all three ward councillors. The PC wish to thank Charles Fifield,   Gillian Edwards & Paul Williams for this.

It was   resolved to order 2 SID’s from Elan City at a cost of £5280 (inc VAT)

TW to   organise purchase/installation of posts for SID’s.

(5) Noticeboard:  TW confirmed that the PC were awarded £1250   from the Neighbourhood Pride Scheme, via all three ward councillors towards a   new noticeboard, this has been ordered and should be in place in the next 2   weeks. The PC wish to thank Charles Fifield, Gillian Edwards & Paul   Williams for this. Member of the public has requested the old notice board,   to refurbish to use on the Millennium Green. The PC agreed to this.

(6) Crewood Common Road –This   was also discussed: Highways to contact United Utilities to rectify the problem of the high   level of road surface, dropping away into the verges.

(7) Kings Coronation – RM is organising an event at the Hare   & Hounds for anyone in the village to attend, along with other customers   – RM to be given a donation from PC funds- to be discussed further at the   next meeting.




Public Participation: No members of the public present


Millennium   Green

(1)  Proposed   changes to entrance gates to make MG wheelchair accessible

RT provided detailed drawings, to forward to TW,   JC to forward TW names of companies to approach for an estimate of the work,   funding options are being investigated.

(2) External fence –   Although   discussed at the Highways meeting the ownership of the concrete/steel fencing   on the MG and over various streams in the village, is still being   investigated.

(3)   Volunteers - The   volunteers will be back at the MG on 28 March





Planning   Applications –

No new planning applications have been received this month.

Little Brook Farm – Issues with flood lighting are being investigated.

Quarry Brook Farm – No update from planning

Sleepy Hollow Farm – No update from planning

TW to contact planning re the above, for an update to be circulated



Emails – It was   agreed to set up the new email accounts for all councillors and clerk.   TW or organise, also to add domain name to website.



Correspondence   – Nothing received that hasn’t already been   discussed.

Meeting   Dates – It   was agreed that future meeting would be held every 6 weeks if the Village   Hall can facilitate this. TW to contact the VH



Payments   agreed:

(1) Clerk’s salary February

(2) Complete   Weed Control £375.00 (knot weed on the parish field)

(3) Payment of   noticeboard on receipt of invoice

(4) Payment of   Elan City invoice on receipt

(5) payment of   email & domain name on receipt of invoice

(6) payment to   W Clarke for village maintenance £500

It was   resolved, due to 6 weekly meeting, for the clerk to pay invoices up to £500   in between meetings, to be ratified at the following meeting, following email   approval from 2 councillors. Financial Regs to be updated to show this. All   policies to be updated and circulated prior to next meeting.



Items for next agenda –

SID’s update

Highways update

Millennium Green update

Coronation Event


Date   for next meeting – Tuesday 28th March 2023 7pm

The meeting closed at 8.20 pm

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