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AMPC Minutes May 2023


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 10th May 2022 at 7pm, Crowton Village Hall

Present : Cllr Ross McCrickerd (Chair), Cllr Richard Thorne (Vice Chair), Cllr Ralph Oultram, Cllr Elizabeth  Stubbs, Cllr Joel Rutter, Cllr Jenny Currie, Cllr roger Hammond.

Clerk T. Whitlow

Ward Councillor Phil Rimmer

1 Member of the Public

1. Welcome & introductions from the Chair RM welcomed everyone.

2. Apologies for absence – Cllr Bob Stubbs

3. To confirm all councillors have signed the Acceptance of Office document. All signed and handed to the clerk.

4. To confirm all councillors have received Register of Interest document (to be completed within 28 days) – All documents received, to be returned to clerk.

5. Confirmation of the Minutes of the AMPC from 10th May 2022 – Minutes approved and signed by chair.

6. Election of Chair – for the coming year- Cllr Ross McCrickerd wished to step down, RM proposed Cllr Ralph Oultram, seconded by ES – agreed by all.

7. Election of Vice Chair – for the coming year - RO proposed Cllr Richard Thorne, seconded by RH – agreed by all.

8. To agree the Standing Orders – agreed, no amendments

9. To agree Financial Regulations – agreed, no amendments

10. Chair - Outgoing Annual Report - on objectives achieved or outstanding – received.

11. Close the Annual Meeting with date and time.  Meeting closed 7.25pm

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