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Agenda - 14 November 23


Members of the Parish Council 

You are summoned to the Meeting of Crowton Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 14th November 2023 at at Crowton Village Hall, for the purposes of transacting the business set out in the agenda below.  

Members of the public and press are invited to attend.

Yours sincerely T Whitlow Clerk to Crowton Parish Council 7th September 2023



2Declarations of InterestCouncillors are reminded of the need to update their register of interests.  To declare any personal, pecuniary and/or prejudicial interests in items on the agenda and their nature. [Councillors with pecuniary and/or prejudicial interests must leave the room for the relevant items]

3Public ParticipationMembers of the public may comment or raise matters affecting the Parish.  (maximum 15 minutes total / 3 minutes per person) – [items raised will be noted, not discussed, unless within an existing agenda item]

4MinutesTo approve the Minutes of the Parish Council meetings held on

10th October 2023.

5Ward CouncillorsTo receive a report from the Ward Councillors

6Matters ArisingMatters arising from previous minutes – if not an agenda item


To review and note the correspondence received since the last meeting – unless an agenda item.

8Accounts/Financial1.To approve the Cashbook 

2.To note income received and ratify payments made and approval of invoices received.

3.To receive any update/information from the clerk

9Highways1.To receive an update on highways issues.

10Millennium Green1.To consider moving forward with the replacement of the boundary fence.

2.To receive an update of any changes to the Trust/Charity status

1.To receive an update to the fundraising via Spacehive for further works required.


To consider the 2st draft budget 2024-25. To be approved by January. 

11PlanningTo note planning applications as listed on the planning register, including comments submitted since the last meeting and any enforcement matters. 

12Asset Maintenance and Register1.Trees – to review the tree survey and any recommendations.

2.Parish Council Field – update.

14Items for Next MeetingItems for inclusion on the next agenda.

1Date of Next MeetingProposed 12th December

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